Apple Watch 7 review: One of the most usable smartwatch yet

Apple Watch 7 review

An entirely iPhone-free Apple Watch experience is not an inquiry of if, but when. With its slimmer bezels as well as larger screens, the Apple Watch 7 is one of the most usable standalone smartwatches yet.

Apple's most current smartwatch is mainly an incremental upgrade from the Apple Watch 6, maintaining an 18-hour battery life, the same CPU, and also adding no brand-new health functions. Yet the bigger display is a game-changer and makes it challenging to go back to previous-generation designs. The Series 7's cinema adapts wearable computers for more daily applications, making it functional to be efficient from your wrist.


  • Starting price: $399.
  • Dimensions: 41mm, 45mm.
  • Chipset: S7.
  • Storage space: 32 GB.
  • Connectivity: Cellular (optional,) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, U1.
  • Durability: IPX6.
  • Waterproof: Approximately 50 meters.
  • Sensors: Heart price, ECG, SpO2.

From a full QWERTY keyboard and also bigger calculator switches to a brighter always-on mode as well as unique watch encounters, the Apple Watch 7 offers a tailored version of watchOS 8 you won't hop on the Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch 3, which both stay for sale. Faster charging, greater longevity as well as contemporary case shades are practically afterthoughts, yet nonetheless welcome.

This Apple Watch 7 review covers all the changes, from minor to major, that make it the best smartwatch you can purchase. Make sure to inspect our Apple Watch 7 suggestions and also overview on just how to utilize the Apple Look for even more methods to delight in Apple's smartwatch. We can additionally inform you of the Apple Watch settings to allow immediately.

Apple Watch 7 price and availability.

The Apple Watch 7 is offered now as well as starts at $399 for the 41mm version. The bigger 45mm model begins at $429. For cellular support, which lets your Apple Watch optionally work untethered from your iPhone, you'll spend $499 for the 41mm dimension or $529 for the 45mm size.

Stainless-steel situations start at $699, while titanium situations start at $799.

Apple Watch 7 review: Design.

Apple Watch 7 review

The Apple Watch 7 features the item's first genuine redesign given the Apple Watch 4. Offered, it's not a significant adjustment-- the renowned bent squircle holds solid-- yet it's clear Apple desired a softer overall aesthetic for its smartwatch.

First, the edges are ever-so-slightly rounder, while the display fits together right into the chassis more perfectly than it does on the Series 6. I possibly wouldn't see these modifications if I hadn't contrasted the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch 6 side-by-side, though. As well as despite the larger Apple Watch 7 sizes (41mm as well as 45mm) the smartwatch doesn't really look bigger to the nude eye. Anybody has a micrometer?

You can better inform the Series 7 and Series 6 apart by the Apple Watch 7 colors, which are all brand-new. I'm testing the Environment-friendly model. Twelve o'clock at night is sort of black, with a refined tip of blue. Starlight is a spectacular mix of silver and also gold. While Apple offered Blue and also Red last year, they're somewhat brighter currently. If you want more of a neutral metal, you'll need to go shopping for stainless steel or titanium versions. That does not trouble me, yet you're entitled to be specific about exactly how something you use daily looks.

The Apple Watch 7 has the same swim-proof score (up to 50 meters) as previous designs, but for the very first time is additionally gained an IP6X qualification for dirt resistance. I'm hoping this repays in the kitchen area since I have actually taken to pasta-making lately as well as flour simply obtains all over. Altered geometrics ought to make the most up-to-date Apple Watch much more crack-resistant, too, making it a little much safer to use while playing sporting activities.

Apple Watch 7 review: Display.

Apple Watch 7 review

The display is bigger, as well as larger is better. With more screens, the smartwatch is changing a lot more as well as much more into a mini iPhone for your wrist, and also it's incredible. The Apple Watch 7 display is nearly 20% bigger than the Series 6 display and also greater than 50% bigger than the Series 3 display. The display borders are 40% thinner than previously, also.

The display is bent in such a way that makes the watch much easier to read off-angle and makes edges of UI visible from the side. The pour-over result isn't as noticeable as the promo video clips suggest, yet it's noticeable with the brand-new Contour watch face. Extra on that particular in the adhering to watchOS 8 area.

In addition to smaller-sized bezels and also a larger screen, the Apple Watch 7 is 70% more vibrant in an always-on setting. This implies you won't see a difference with the face awake straight sunshine like we finished with the Apple Watch 6 vs. Apple Watch 5. Instead, you must have the ability to see your screen extra conveniently when your wrist isn't raised. I saw a major distinction side-by-side with the Series 6.

Apple Watch 7 review: watchOS 8.

In the past, Apple's watchOS looked similar across all its smartwatches, minus choosing applications unique to the new hardware inside a provided version. Apple Watch 7 does not have new sensing units, however, so rather the business modified watchOS 8 for a bigger display. In enhancement to developed features like rest monitoring, cycle monitoring (which is why it's one of the most effective smart watches for women,) schedule notifies, weather condition notifications as well as a Find My application for Apple Watch, watchOS 8 has a few special tricks on the Series 7.

It's mainly the very same UI I've been making use of for months, with some tweaks. From the control facility to the calculator app, switches are larger around. Some applications flex clever computer animations, also, like HomeKit. I particularly appreciate the bigger Apple Maps UI, which allows you to see neighboring spots much more quickly.

And after that, there's the QWERTY keyboard. I have actually had an Apple Watch key-board on my wishlist for literal years. It's even the one point I claimed Apple Watch 7 should steal from the Galaxy Watch 4, so I'm delighted it emerged. It's additionally something that will certainly avoid me from going back to an older Apple Watch model.

I have actually been texting away from my wrist practically given that I have actually taken the Apple Watch 7 out of the box. I favor swiping my words rather than tapping out individual characters, however, either approach works well. My mom, who has a tough sufficient time texting without typos on her apple iPhone (sorry if you see this), could even take care of coherent messages using the Apple Watch 7's key-board.

I mentioned the committed Shape face in the display section. It's sharp-looking, however not that easy to read. I much prefer the brand-new Modular Duo watch face, which lets you stack 2 big problems on your wrist. The Apple Watch 7-specific Picture and World Clock face compliment the big display, also. After seeing the Galaxy Watch 4 come out with combinable faces, I desire the Apple Watch 7 used a similar degree of personalization, yet I'm still pleased with my watch face collection.

Apple Watch 7 review: Fitness and health attributes.

Apple Watch 7 review

Do I assume it's odd that the Apple Watch 7 doesn't present new health attributes in an age when many people are stressed with health? Absolutely. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 pressed the boundaries with body composition evaluation, as well as the most effective Fitbit watches remain instead holistic health tools. By missing out on a health upgrade this year, the Apple Watch takes the chance of dropping behind the competitors.

That claimed, the Apple Watch is still a trustworthy fitness tracker as well as among the most effective running watches. It checks your heart rate, counts your actions, and also tracks your gas mileage with GPS, plus provides support for loads of workout types. It added Tai Chi as well as automated outside cycling tracking this year, implying it can detect when you have actually jumped on your bike and allow a workout. The cycling formula has actually likewise been adapted to accommodate metrics for the very best electric bikes, which are less arduous to ride than routine bikes.

The Apple Watch is my go-to for fitness monitoring, though in some cases I'll likewise put on one of the best fitness trackers to contrast metrics or obtain access to some activity tools the Apple Watch lacks. An indigenous Tabata timer and also directed exercises are features found on some of the best Garmin watches as well as Fitbit watches, for instance.

Yet when I put on the Apple Watch on a variety of outside walks and also interior workouts for my Apple Watch 7 workout test, the huge display made it a wind to see my mid-exercise metrics at a glimpse. I do a great deal of heart rate-based training, so the capacity to check out heart rate zones in all times is essential.

The biggest absent feature from the Apple watch is recovery devices. We'd like to see the Apple Watch present a remainder mode or give you a made way to validate taking a day of rest.

Apple Watch 7 review: Battery life.

Apple Watch 7 review

The Apple Watch Series 7 battery life can last up to two days, however, that's if you hand down preferred functions. Rather, the 18-hour battery life was examined out with daily task monitoring, and also always on display and a couple of calls answered from my wrist.

Now, the Apple Watch 7 cases charge 33% faster than the Apple Watch 6, as long as it's billed with the brand-new Magnetic to USB-C battery charger that can be found in the package. (It doesn't feature a wall adapter, though.) But when I charged the Apple Watch 6 with the USB-C cord, it billed nearly as quick. I've been documenting billing tests on the Tom's Guide TikTok account, which you should go follow if you haven't currently.

As someone who charges their Apple Watch a small number of times throughout the day, I do spend less power stressing whether I have enough juice to go with an outdoor stroll or make it via the evening. Eight minutes of billing before bed is intended to obtain me 8 hours of Apple Watch rest tracking. Presume I do not truly require this $10 Apple Watch device to extend battery life anymore.

Apple Watch 7 review: Judgment.

We saw it occur with smart devices. Bezels shrank as well as screens expanded up until we ended up with the gigantic phones and also phablets we have currently. With its larger display, I can't help but think the Apple Watch is destined to take a comparable path to freedom. The smartwatch is currently an expansion of your apple iphone on your wrist, but it's plainly efficient in becoming greater than an accessory.

It's the top smartwatch selection for any person with an apple iphone, and quickly the very best Apple Watch ever before. The key-board makes a difference, as well as if there was ultimately a time to fully suggest including Mobile assistance to your smartwatch, its currently.

You ought to have a look at just how the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch SE compares if you're torn between Apple's $279 midrange version and the latest-gen smartwatch. As well as if you remain in search of a smartwatch for less, we have actually devised a checklist of the very best economical smartwatches on the whole.