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Playstore Alternative Application

Applications are one of the essential things and also a complement to a smart device. Like on a smartphone, the existence of an application carries an important role and is even difficult to separate.

For android users generally will download the app through the Google Playstore. Playstore is indeed a mainstay application store when we find and install an android app.

In addition to APKs, the Playstore itself also provides several other products such as digital books, pictures, music, and even movies.

The popularity of the Playstore is indeed very high compared to other app stores. Many have also trusted it as a place to find specific applications.

But is Playstore the only app market? Certainly not. There are tons of app stores that you can use to search for APKs.

Some are also quite popular and provide a complete and free variety of software.

The following is a collection of the best market apps that can be an alternative if you are bored with the Playstore.

Playstore Alternative

The Playstore itself is enough to meet the application needs of smartphone users. But of course, not everyone is satisfied with what is already in the playstore.

Some of them tried to find a replacement that might be more suitable.

In addition, some are looking for other alternatives to download premium APKs for free. Do you want to? Would you mind trying some of the following market apps that we recommend

1. Aptoide

Playstore Alternative Application

Then there is Aptoide, and this app market is also quite famous, you know. In 2009 alone, it was used by more than 150 million users.

Moreover, it also provides more than 700,000 types of applications that you can easily download and install. Aptoide is one of the best Playstore alternatives available to date.

2. APKMirror

Playstore Alternative Application

Unlike some previous alternatives, APKMirror is not an app but a website. Of course, you are familiar with this one site for those who like to hunt for APKs on the internet.

It is one of the best and most popular Android application suppliers today. You can find any APK on this site. Their website is also very safe from viruses, so you don't have to worry.

They also provide various versions of the released applications to choose according to your wishes. This site is also very easy to use, even for beginners in terms of appearance.

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3. Amazon Appstore

Playstore Alternative Application

Maybe not many people know this app market. But the Amazon Appstore is worth trying and being a replacement for the playstore.

The reason is that this application store often holds "free app of the day."

These features can make us get paid applications for free. Apart from APK, they also provide several other products such as movies, books, and music.

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4. Getjar

Playstore Alternative Application

Next, we meet the legend. Maybe for those of you who have been struggling with cellphones for a long time, you will recognize this one site. Even Getjar is older than Playstore, you know.

And it provides not only android applications but also software for Blackberry, Symbian, and even Windows Phone.

The collection of applications can be said to be quite large and complete. But unfortunately, not all software offered is up to date with the latest version.

5. SlideMe

Playstore Alternative Application

Android market applications besides Google Play, then there is SlideMe. It seems a little more foreign than previously mentioned. But SlideMe is also entirely worth a try.

It provides an extensive collection of applications and software, both free and paid.

The premium version is also straightforward in terms of payment because it is adjusted to the user's location. So, it never hurts for you to try this one application store.

6. AppBrain

Playstore Alternative Application

This one is suitable for premium application hunters but doesn't want to spend money. AppBrain will give you that.

Here are some features that allow us to use paid applications for free for a certain time.

Even though it's restricted, it's better than having to pay. However, to use the AppBrain service, you must register first.

7. F-Droid

Playstore Alternative Application

If you are the type who likes freebies, then F-Droid can be your choice. Here they only present free and free applications.

There are pretty many APKs in their collection. If you still haven't found a suitable replacement, why not give F-Droid a try?

8. GetAPK Market

Playstore Alternative Application

The latter is a paid application store that is free. GetAPK Market can be the best application store of your choice. All software offered here is free without paying a penny.

To download it can be very easy, even for beginners, though.

9. Mobogenie

Playstore Alternative Application

Who doesn't know Mobogenie? This app store is also top-rated among smart device users.

Besides providing APK products, Mobogenie also offers music files, images, etc. The appearance that he presents also makes it comfortable to feel at home using it.

This app market does not require a registration process to download applications. So, you will lose if you don't try it.

10. Opera Mobile Store

Playstore Alternative Application

Maybe you know the name Opera from a popular browser. But did you know that they also provide an app store? Perhaps many are new to this.

You can access the app market through all opera mini browsers very easily. In addition, there are lots of applications available there, so you don't have to worry about completeness.


Those are some of the best app store recommendations to be an alternative to Google Playstore.

You can try the list of sites or app markets above to get paid applications for free. The APK collection that is there is complete and of premium quality.

You can use the above application as an alternative when the Play Store cannot be opened. So you can still download the apps and games you want.

Well, that's all for articles about where to download applications other than the Play Store or Play Store alternatives. I hope it's helpful.

If you have any recommendations for downloading other Android apps, please share them in the comments.