Nord VPN: Best, Secure, Fast, Cheap VPN

Nord VPN: Best, Secure, Fast, Cheap VPN

Nord VPN is one of the best VPNs out there to date. From the number of users, it is proven that Nord VPN is one of the leading VPNs every year. This leading is caused by many things ranging from the advantages and the best features.

Nord VPN is part of developer Tefinkom & Co, with the company base located in Panama. Nord VPN allows its users to enjoy a high degree of freedom concerning internet regulation.

In addition, the application, which has its head office in Panama, also makes Nord VPN immune and not vulnerable to the possibility of spreading data to irresponsible parties.

This VPN application that has been around since 2008 has always worked hard to prove that Nord VPN is the best and most trusted VPN provider with high security and privacy standards.

For a complete review of Nord VPN, see the review that we will provide below.

What is Nord VPN?

Maybe most people already know what a VPN application is or how to use a VPN. But it turns out that many people still don't know how to choose a safe, fast, cheap, and stable VPN.

You need to try the Nord VPN application for those looking for the best, safe, fast, cheap, and stable VPN application. Nord VPN is the best, secure, fast, affordable, and stable VPN application with a company based in Panama.

Advantages of Nord VPN

Nord VPN Secure, Fast VPN

Curious, what are the advantages that one of the best Nord VPN applications has? For more details, see the following discussion.

1. Safe

The first advantage that Nord VPN has is that it is secure. One of the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a VPN application that you will use is to make sure the VPN application you are using is safe.

Nord VPN has very high data security. For example, it can disguise your IP address. That way, every activity you do on the internet will not be known by anyone.

Because every website you visit will be redirected through various nodes and will get various layers of security that cannot be penetrated.

So far, Nord VPN has always maintained its reputation as one of the best VPNs with high security.

2. Fast and Stable

In addition to being safe, we must also choose a VPN application with breakneck and stable data speeds in selecting a VPN application. Because the VPN you are using is slow and unstable, the data loading will be slow.

That's why you must know the speed of the VPN service you're using. VPNs are often accused of reducing speed, which is what they should be.

Because all the encryption done by the server will reduce the speed, every VPN you use is bound to slow down somehow.

Nord VPN will also do that, but not as many other VPN apps. Testers of the Nord VPN app have revealed that this Nord VPN service delivers fast and stable servers.

In addition, on Nord VPN, you can also change the location you want very easily and quickly. If you want a VPN with fast performance, then Nord VPN is perfect for you because it will provide incredible speeds.

3. Cheap

Nord VPN is a very impressive multipurpose VPN app. You can use all services in Nord VPN using premium services. But do we have to buy these premium services very expensively?

Of course not. Compared to other VPN providers, the Nord VPN application subscription every month is average. However, the existing discounts make Nord VPN's price superior compared to other VPN providers.

4. Not Keeping Activity Logs

Nord VPN will not keep any logs or logs of your activity. Because Nord VPN is officially registered in Panama and the country of Panama, there are no laws related to any invasive data storage.

In general, if such a law requires internet service providers and VPNs to keep logs or records of their users' online activities for a specified time.

Because there is no such law in Panama, Nord VPN will not keep logs or logs of user activity.

5. Connection Protocol

The connection protocol will determine how secure your connection with the VPN is and how well your traffic is encrypted. Nord VPN offers as many as four types of the best connection protocols:

  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP / IPSec
  • PPTP
  • IKEv2 / IPSec

Open VPN is the most secure connection protocol and is open-source. The Open VPN Protocol using TCP and UDP connection types. TCP is slower but reliable, while UDP is faster but less reliable.

L2TP is the older connection protocol and will only be used if no other connection protocol is supported or available. This protocol will be used only if absolutely necessary, because this protocol is easier to hack than other protocols.

PPTP is the oldest protocol type when compared to the other two above. Indeed, this protocol is not the strongest protocol, but it has support for use on operating systems as old as Windows 97.

IKEv2 / IPSec is the most secure type of connection protocol that you can use on Nord VPN. This protocol uses a very secure encryption and cipher, namely AES-256-GEM with SHA2-384 to secure your traffic.

6. Second Protective Layer

Recently Nord VPN has just launched their new feature called CyberSec or second layer of protection. This new feature is useful as an additional layer of protection against Viruses, Malware, Phishing attacks and so on.

The way this feature works is that when you visit a site that contains content that can harm you in various ways, CyberSec will prevent the site from loading.


Nord VPN Fast, Cheap VPN

You can get Nord VPN premium services at very affordable prices when compared to other VPN applications. Especially with the additional discount, making the subscription price from Nord VPN even more affordable.


So in conclusion is Nord VPN recommended? Of course highly recommended. Because Nord VPN is the best VPN service with various advantages and features. One of them is because it provides excellent encryption or security with the right protocol at an affordable price.

You won't find a VPN with the best features and services that are more reliable and trustworthy at a very affordable price. Hence Nord VPN being the best VPN service to use.

Question and answer

What is Nord VPN?

Nord VPN is the best, secure, fast, cheap and stable VPN application with a company base in Panama

What are the advantages of Nord VPN?

Safe, Fast, Cheap, Stable, etc

Is Nord VPN recommended?

Of course highly recommended. Because Nord VPN is the best VPN service with various advantages and features.

That's our complete discussion about Nord VPN: Best VPN, Safe, Fast, Cheap. Hopefully the above discussion can be useful and can be used as your reference before using this Nord VPN.