Fotor Review, One of the Best Online Photo Editor

Best Online Photo Editor

At this time, capturing memorable moments in our lives seems to be a mandatory thing that people do. One way we capture these moments is in the form of photos or portraits taken through the camera.

To get maximum results even better, we can process photos from camera shots that have been taken using photo editing applications. Currently, many photo editing applications have sprung up, ranging from desktop or mobile-based devices. However, one of the innovations that can help us edit photos is an online photo editing application.

Understanding Online Photo Editing Applications

An online photo editing application is an application that is useful for editing photos according to our wishes, with a web base that can be used by mobile or desktop devices.

We only need to access the website address of the online photo editor application that we want to use through the browser on our device.

Fotor: Best Online Photo Editor

Fotor is the best online photo editor that you can use to edit photos and create designs for free and easily. You can access Fotor via a mobile device or a desktop device, provided that the device has a browser and is connected to the internet.

For you, you can visit the Fotor online photo editor at www.fotor.com via the browser on your device. If you want, Fotor is also available in the form of a mobile application base for iOS devices which can be obtained through the Appstore, and for Android, which can be obtained through the Google Play Store.

Why Fotor is the One of the Best Online Photo Editor

There are many reasons why we and many others chose Fotor as the best online photo editing application today. Fotor provides various features that you can use for free to edit your photos without professional photo editing skills.

You can easily use the photo editing features and templates on the menu in Fotor with just a few clicks. Not only that, but Fotor also has a feature to create image designs commonly used for banners, video thumbnails, posters, pamphlets, and others.

How to Edit Photos Online in Fotor Online Photo Editor

The below are the basic steps for editing photos using an online photo editor. Basic Ways to Edit Photos in Fotor Online Photo Editor:

  1. The first step, please visit Fotor Edit Photos via the browser on your device, or you can also click here.
  2. Next, select the photo to be edited by dragging the photo to be edited into the box provided there, or you can click the box, then select the photo file to edit, then click open.
    Best Online Photo Editor

  3. Wait a few moments until the loading of the photo to be edited is complete.
  4. After that, the selected photo will appear, and the Basic, Effect, Beauty, Frames, Sticker, Text, and Cloud editing features will appear. Here's a little explanation of the features that exist in the Fotor: 
    Fotor Best Online Photo Editor

    • Basic is the basic feature that Fotor offers to process your photos from Tap Enhance, Magic Clipper, Crop, Rotate, Basic, Fine Tune, Color, Vignate, Curves, and Resize.
    • The effect is an effective feature that you can use with one click on a pre-selected photo. This menu contains various categories of effects ranging from the Artistic, Returned, Classic, Warm Winter, Mono, Vintage, Scenes categories, and many other types of effect categories.
    • Beauty, almost similar to effects, in this menu, contains features that can help beautify the photos that have been previously selected according to the existing template. You can beautify your photos with the Beauty Basic, Eyes, and Mouth features.
    • Frames, As the name suggests, frames help give frames to photos that have been previously selected. There are many types of frames available in this online fotor photo editor.
    • Sticker this is useful for providing funny stickers on images or photos you want to edit to look more funny and exciting.
    • Text to provide writing on top of the selected photo file.
    • Cloud, then the last cloud, is one of the excellent features of Fotor. This feature is a type of online storage offered by Fotor.
  1. If you have finished editing the selected photo, then press the save button available there, enter the file name, file quality, and the type of format you want to download.

How to Make a Collage Online on Fotor

Furthermore, fotor can also be used to make photo collages or pictures online very easily. How to Make a Photo Collage in Fotor:

  1. The first step, please visit https://www.fotor.com/create/collage/ through the browser on your device, or you can also click here.
  2. Then, select the type of collage you want to create. There are four options available. The first is classic collage, artistic collage, funky collage, and photo stitching. For example, here, I choose a classic collage.
    Fotor Review photo collage

  3. After that there, please choose the collage model that suits your wishes.
  4. Then click open at the top, then select the source of the photo you want to take because my photos are on a computer disk, so I choose open -> computer.
  5. Decide which images you want to collage-like in the example below.
  6. You can also adjust your photo collage, such as size, by using resize and frame using the border on the left.
  7. If you have finished doing the collage of the selected photos, then press the save button available there, enter the file name, file quality, and the type of format you want to download.

How to Create Designs Online in Fotor

This fotor also provides online features for making designs, not only for editing photos and making collages. You can create banner designs, thumbnails, and wallpapers using Fotor's online photo editor. How to Create a Design in Fotor:

  1. The first step, please visit https://www.fotor.com/create/design/ via the browser on your device, or you can also click here.
  2. After that, please choose what design you want to make. There are various choices provided, starting from social media posts, social media covers, marketing, recommendations, and so on. For the example, here I chose the logo.
  3. Then please select the desired logo on the left. After that, replace the existing writing with your brand logo as desired. You can also change the logo background color with the background feature on the left and add stickers with the sticker feature on the left.
    Fotor Review

  4. If you have finished making the design, then to save, press the save button available there, enter the file name, file quality, and the type of format you want to download.

In my opinion, Fotor is an online photo editor that is easy to use and lightweight to access by a browser. Although light and easy to use, the features offered by Fotor are numerous, which can be tailored to suit our needs. You can also switch to a premium account by upgrading to unlock more exclusive features and editing without ads.

But in my personal opinion, free Fotor also has excellent features - the features it provides. Well, that's the article this time from Teknoinside about the Best Fotor Online Photo Editor. Hopefully, the article about the online photo editor can help friends who are looking to edit photos.

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