Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Your Business

Choosing the Right Web Hosting

You should know about hosting for those who want to create a website or have plans to build a new website. Hosting on a website is very important. This hosting can be likened to a place/home for your website on the internet.

That's why you shouldn't choose hosting carelessly. Because if poorly in choosing hosting will be bad for the website. There are many types of hosting. The prices also vary according to their specifications and quality.

We understand that you must be looking for good hosting but at a low price. Not all hosting provides good quality hosting at a low price, but that doesn't mean it exists.

How to Choose the Best Hosting

Some hosting services provide quality hosting at a reasonably low price.

Well, on this occasion I will give tips on choosing the best hosting according to your needs, here are the directions.

1. Determine Funds

Hosting has various prices depending on the specifications and features in it. So, you have to prepare and know the funds you have to rent hosting later.

If you want to create a website, but your funds are still limited, you can choose cheap hosting at an affordable price or use free hosting.

On various hosting service websites, there are usually discounts that you can use. When there are massive discounts and promotions, you can try to buy hosting and calculate to save money.

2. Adjust to Needs

Choosing the Right Web Hosting

When buying hosting, you have to adjust it to your needs. You must determine your goals in creating a website before purchasing hosting.

Until now, there are four types of hosting that can be purchased, namely Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. If you are starting to create a website, choose the cheapest one, namely Shared Hosting.

Cheap Shared Web Hosting can be your first step in building a website because you don't have significant funds.

As time goes on and your website gets more traffic, you can buy hosting with higher specifications. So you don't need to worry because you can upgrade the hosting later.

3. Choose a good quality server

Servers in hosting are critical because if you want your website to be accessed by visitors without any problems, then the server you choose must have a solid and stable network connection.

This is why Server hosting is important for your website. In addition to the network connection, you must determine the location of the server.

If the target visitor is domestic, then use hosting in Indonesia. If the target is international, then use a server located abroad, such as America, Singapore, and so on.

4. Choose Capacity from Bandwidth

Choosing the Right Web Hosting

When we are going to buy hosting, of course, we are required to determine the bandwidth capacity of our hosting. There are two types of bandwidth capacity that you can choose, namely limited and unlimited.

If you are serious about building a website, I recommend choosing the one with unlimited capacity so that your website stays online even though the traffic is heavy.

But if you are not serious about building a website and are just trying it out, I suggest choosing a bandwidth with limited capacity.

However, for this limited hosting, your website can go offline when the traffic on your website is heavy. So, please adjust it to your needs and your goals in building a website.

5. Pay attention to the number of domains

The next tip in choosing hosting is that you need to pay attention to the number or capacity of the domain. So you can choose hosting that only provides one domain, or it can be more than one domain in 1 hosting.

If you want to create another website in the future, it is advisable to choose hosting that can accommodate many website domains so that you don't need to add space or buy hosting again.

6. Space Hosting

ChoosingWeb Hosting

Hosting space is also very important in choosing hosting. Don't let you choose cheap hosting, and it turns out that it only has 1GB of space capacity.

It could be just a few weeks when your hosting space is full. As a result, you have to spend more money to add space or upgrade your hosting.

Even if you're starting, it's a good idea to choose hosting with a fairly large space. Because with a large hosting space, you are more flexible in entering images and text into the website.

7. Choose a Secure Hosting

When choosing hosting, you must also pay attention to the security of the hosting you choose. If the hosting you choose has a bad/weak security system, your website can later be hacked by hackers.

Of course, you don't want this to happen, do you? Therefore, choose high security hosting so that your website is safe from irresponsible hacker attacks.

8. Choose Hosting with Adequate Features

Choosing the Right Web Hosting

Even if you choose to use standard hosting or shared hosting, you still have to ensure that the hosting already has essential features such as Cron for your daily website activities.

In addition, look for a hosting that has an auto script installer feature, such as Fantastico, Quick Installer, Simple Script, and so on. Don't forget the FPT access feature and htaccess access to redirect pages.

9. Good Customer Service

Not all hosting services provide good customer service. For example, when your website is in trouble, you certainly need help from the hosting you choose.

If the service provider does not have 24-hour service, of course, you have to wait until your complaint is conveyed.

Therefore you have to choose a hosting that also has good service for 24 hours so that if there is a problem on the website, it will be fixed immediately.

10. Number of Clients

The quality of a hosting does not depend on the client. However, if you want to entrust your website to a hosting service fully, you must pay attention to the clients of the hosting service.

If the hosting service already has clients everywhere, then most likely, the hosting is excellent and experienced.


So, in conclusion, when we are going to create a website, we have to choose a good hosting for the website depending on the needs and objectives. Well, you can follow some of the tips above in selecting a good hosting.

Those are the tips that Teknoinside can convey to you about tips on choosing good and quality hosting. Hopefully, what I say is useful and can help you choose the best hosting and not disappoint you.

If you have other tips in choosing hosting, please add them in the comments column of this post. Thank you.